Whiskas Cat 1+ Poultry Feast Gravy


Whiskas Cat 1+ Poultry Feast Gravy

Best Wet Food, Safe Food, Easy To Feed, Complete nourishing food, contains an appropriate ratio of proteins, fats, omega acids and minerals.

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Chicken, Duck, Poultry, Turkey


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Whiskas Cat 1+ Poultry Feast Gravy

Available in mixes flavours, duck, chicken, Turkey and Poultry.

Whiskas Cat 1+ Poultry Feast Gravy offers a delightful array of mixed flavours, each thoughtfully crafted to please the discerning palate of your beloved feline friend.

Starting with Duck, this succulent choice brings a rich and distinctive taste to your cat’s bowl. Duck is not only flavorful but also provides a source of high-quality protein, contributing to your cat’s muscle development and overall well-being. The savoury nature of duck appeals to cats’ preferences, ensuring a satisfying dining experience.

Moving on to Chicken, this classic flavour is a favourite among cats for its mild and familiar taste. Packed with essential nutrients, chicken provides a well-rounded meal that supports your cat’s health. The tender chicken pieces in gravy create a delectable texture that cats find irresistible, making mealtime a joyous occasion.

Turkey, another tempting option in the lineup, brings its unique qualities to the table. Known for its lean protein content, turkey offers a nutritious choice that aids in maintaining your cat’s optimal weight and muscle mass. The savoury gravy enhances the turkey flavour, making it a delectable and wholesome option for your cat’s dining pleasure.

Last but not least, the Poultry blend combines various poultry flavours, creating a medley that satisfies even the most discerning cats. This mixture ensures a diverse and balanced diet, providing a range of nutrients essential for your cat’s overall health. The rich gravy complements the poultry blend, elevating the dining experience with its moist and flavorful texture.

It is available in these mixed flavours, allowing you to indulge your cat in a variety of tastes, making each mealtime a delightful adventure. With the goodness of duck, chicken, turkey, and a savoury poultry blend, this cat food provides a well-rounded and flavorful dining experience that your feline friend will truly enjoy.

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