Whiskas Sachet Kitten Fish Selection Jelly

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Whiskas Kitten Fish Favourites in Jelly 

  • Mix selection contains a sachet of 85 grams each, with flavours containing
  • Tuna,
  • Cod,
  • Salmon
  • White Fish.
  • A wonderful experience for your lovely kitten’s growth, Contains 8 % protein and 5% fat content.
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Whiskas Sachet Kitten Fish Selection Jelly

Whiskas Sachet Kitten Fish Selection in Jelly provides a delightful variety for your young feline companion.

  • Each 85-gram sachet contains a mix of flavors, such as tuna, cod, salmon, and white fish, carefully crafted to offer a diverse and tasty experience that kittens will adore.
  • These sachets are tailored for kittens, offering a blend of high-quality fish flavors that cater to their developing taste preferences.
  • Give your kitten the best with Whiskas Sachet Kitten Fish Selection in Jelly..

Wet Food to Enjoy

  • We have designed the small, manageable portions with your little ones in mind, making it easy for them to enjoy their meals without any fuss.
  • Our assortment includes tuna, known for its rich taste; cod, offering a mild and delicate flavor;
  • Salmon, providing a delightful and nutritious option; and
  • White fish, which adds a unique taste to the mix.
  • This mix ensures that your kitten receives a variety of nutrients essential for their growth and overall well-being.

For Kittens Age 2-12 months

  • Whiskas Kitten Jelly provides a suitable option for kittens aged 2 to 12 months, covering a crucial period in their development.
  • The jelly texture enhances the enjoyment of mealtime for your kitten, creating a delightful experience.
  • This carefully selected fish variety not only meets your kitten’s dietary requirements.
  • But also introduces them to different flavors, promoting a healthy and varied diet.
  • Treat your little one to a joyful mealtime with the wholesome and flavorful options offered by Whiskas Kitten Jelly.

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