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Whiskas Sachet Kitten Fish Selection Jelly



Mix selection contains a sachet of 85 grams each, with flavours containing Tuna, Cod, Salmon and White Fish. A wonderful experience for your lovely kitten’s growth, Contains 8 % protein and 5% fat content.

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Whiskas Sachet Kitten Fish Selection Jelly

Whiskas Sachet Kitten Fish Selection in Jelly offers a delightful variety for your young feline friend. Each sachet, weighing 85 grams, features a mix of flavors, including tuna, cod, salmon, and white fish. This selection is thoughtfully crafted to provide a diverse and tasty experience that kittens will love.

These sachets are perfect for kittens, offering a blend of quality fish flavours that appeal to their developing taste preferences. The small, manageable portions are designed with the little ones in mind, making it easy for them to enjoy their meals without any fuss.

The assortment includes tuna, known for its rich taste; cod, offering a mild and delicate flavor; salmon, providing a delightful and nutritious option; and white fish, which adds a unique taste to the mix. This mix ensures that your kitten receives a variety of nutrients essential for their growth and overall well-being.

It is suitable for kittens from 2 to 12 months, covering a crucial period of their development. The jelly texture adds an extra element of enjoyment for your kitten, making mealtime a delightful experience.

This thoughtfully curated fish selection not only meets your kitten’s dietary needs but also introduces them to different flavors, encouraging a healthy and varied diet. Make every mealtime a joy for your little one with the wholesome and flavorful options provided by Whiskas Kitten Jelly.

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Whiskas Cat Food

It is a well-known cat food brand that people all over the world trust. It's owned by the American company Mars, Incorporated. You can find it in different forms: meat-like pieces in cans, pouches, or dry biscuits. The packaging is easy to spot with its purple color and a cat's head silhouette.

Whiskas Dry Food in Pakistan

In Pakistan, it is particularly famous for its dry and wet cat food. The dry food comes in various flavors like Chicken, Tuna, and Salmon. Many cat owners love the convenience and choices Whiskas offers in its dry food range.

 Wet Food Jellies

When it comes to wet food, Whiskas is highly regarded for its jellies. These are soft and tasty treats for your cat. The jellies come in different flavors, making mealtime enjoyable for your feline friend.

Kittens, Cats, and Cats Above Seven

One cool thing about Whiskas is that it thinks about cats of all ages. Whether you have a playful kitten, an energetic cat, or a cat of 7 years or above cat that needs special care, Whiskas has the right food for them. They make sure every cat gets the nutrients they need at every stage of their life.

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