Mera Classic Cat Food for all breeds 400 g to 10 Kg

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Mera Classic Cat Food

  • Mera Classic Cat Food offers a top-tier, easily digestible diet crafted by experts.
  • Uses high-quality ingredients in precise quantities to meet all essential feline nutritional needs.

Available Packing: 0.400 g, 1.5 kg, 10 kg, 20 Kg


Mera Classic Cat Food

  • “Mera Classic Cat Food: Nourishing Your Feline Companion with Excellence”.
  • Firstly, every cat owner knows that providing their beloved feline friend with the right nutrition is most important to their well-being and happiness.
  • Additionally, in this context, Mera Cat Food emerges as a standout choice, offering a complete and easily digestible diet for our furry companions.
  • Furthermore, this dry cat food is meticulously crafted to deliver a well-rounded and nutritious diet designed specifically for cats.

Standout Features of Mera Classic Food

  • One of the standout features of Mera Classic  Cat Food is its emphasis on high-quality ingredients.
  • It’s not just about providing sustenance; it’s about offering the best.
  • The selection of extreme-level high-quality ingredients ensures that your cat receives the premium nutrition they deserves.
  • These ingredients are chosen with the utmost care and are free from fillers, artificial additives, and unnecessary preservatives that can be detrimental to your cat’s health.
  • This dedication to quality ingredients reflects the brand’s commitment to your cat’s well-being.

Experts Behind Mera Food

The experts behind Mera Classic Cat Food have left no stone unturned when it comes to crafting the ideal diet for cats. Nutritionists, veterinarians, and pet food specialists collaborate to create a formula that meets all a cat’s essential nutritional requirements. From proteins and fats to vitamins and minerals, every ingredient is carefully selected and proportioned to provide a balanced diet that supports your cat’s health, vitality, and overall longevity.


  • Digestibility is another critical aspect of this Food. Cats can have sensitive stomachs, and digestive issues can be a significant concern. This cat food is easily digestible, reducing the risk of upset stomachs.
  • It ensures that your cat can absorb the nutrients effectively.
  • This feature is particularly crucial for cats with dietary sensitivities or allergies, making Mera Cat Food an excellent choice for all cats, regardless of their digestive system’s sensitivity.

Ingredients of Mera Classic Cat Food

Analytical constituents 

  • Protein 32%
  • Fat contents 14.5%
  • Raw Fiber 4%
  • Crude Ash 7%
  • Calcium 1.2%
  • Phosphorus 1.1%
  • Sodium 0.5%
  • Magnesium 0.1%

Additives/Kg  Nutritional


  • Vitamin A 20.000 IE, Vitamin D 31.000 IE, Vitamin E 350 mg, Taurine 1.500 mg, Copper (AS copper-) (II), Sulphate Pentahydrate 6 mg, Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate 80 mg, Selenium (Sodium Silinate) 0.3 mg, Iron as Iron


  • Cereals, meat and animal derivatives including 16% poultry,
  • Derivatives of vegetables origin, oils and fats, including 0.2% salmon oil, and 0.15% sunflower oil. Linseed 2%,
  • Minerals Eggs and egg derivates. yeasts,


In conclusion, Mera Cat Food sets a gold standard for cat nutrition. It is a wise choice to feed it because of quality ingredients, balanced nutrition and digestibility.

By choosing Mera Cat Food, you’re not just providing sustenance; you’re actively contributing to your cat’s health, happiness, and overall quality of life.

Your feline companion deserves nothing but the best, and Mera Cat Food delivers excellence with every meal.

Make the smart choice for your kitty’s well-being – choose Mera Cat Food for a healthier and happier cat.

Made in Germany


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Weight1.2 kg

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Mera Pet Food 

Mera Pet Food

Mera Pet Food offers a range of high-quality cat and dog food to cater to your pet's nutritional needs. With a focus on premium ingredients, these formulations ensure a balanced and wholesome diet.Mera Active Dog Food: Specially crafted for active dogs, Mera Active Dog Food provides the energy and nutrients needed to support their dynamic lifestyle. Available in various sizes, including 400 grams, 1.5 kg, 10 kg, and 20 kg.Mera Classic Cat Food: Mera Classic Cat Food is designed to meet the dietary requirements of your feline friend. It comes in convenient sizes, including 400 grams, 1.5 kg, 4 kg, and 10 kg.Mera Indoor Cat Food: For indoor cats, Mera offers a specialized formula in 1.5 kg and 4 kg sizes, promoting optimal health and well-being in an indoor environment.Mera Indoor Kitten Food: Catering to the needs of growing kittens, Mera Indoor Kitten Food comes in 1.5 kg, 4 kg, and 10 kg sizes, ensuring they receive the essential nutrients for a healthy development.Mera Urinary Cat Food and Renal Food: Addressing specific health concerns, Mera provides Urinary Cat Food and Renal Food, tailored to support urinary and renal health in cats.Mera Urinary Wet Food Tin: For a convenient and palatable option, Mera offers Urinary Wet Food in a tin, ensuring that your cat receives the necessary care for urinary issues.Mera Adult Cat Jellies Mix Collection: Enhance your cat's dining experience with the Mera Adult Cat Jellies Mix Collection, offering a variety of flavors for a delightful mealtime.Mera Kitten Jelly and Puppy Milk: Mera also caters to the youngest members of your furry family with Kitten Jelly and Puppy Milk, ensuring they receive the best start in life.Best Cat and Dog Food at Best Prices: Mera stands out as a provider of the best cat and dog food, focusing on quality ingredients for optimal nutrition. You can find these premium products at the best prices at Reem Pet Store.In conclusion, Mera offers a comprehensive selection of cat and dog food catering to various life stages and health needs. With a commitment to quality, these products are readily available at competitive prices at the Reem Pet Store, ensuring your pets receive the nutrition they deserve.
Mera Food - Reem Pet Store

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  1. Ali

    very economical for people with multiple household cats. If you are switching from Me-o, this is a great choice and your cats will love it.

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