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Welcome to Reem Pet Store 

  • Welcome to Reem Pet Store for kitten food, where we prioritize the health and happiness of your furry feline friends!
  • Additionally, explore our extensive collection of specially curated food to ensure your little ones receive the nutrition they need for a vibrant and playful life.

Key Nutrients

The key nutrients essential for kittens include:

Choosing kitten food rich in high-quality proteins, varied for essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals is crucial. Opt for options free from grains and fillers, easily digestible for kittens. Fresh ingredients are preferred, aiding absorption. Remember, good nutrition builds a healthy, active, and affectionate cat.


Types of Kitten Food

Dry Food:

  • Additionally, indulge your cute friends in the goodness of our premium dry kitten food selections.
  • Furthermore, carefully formulated to meet the unique dietary requirements of growing kittens, our dry food options are packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Moreover, from high-quality protein sources to carefully chosen grains and antioxidants, our dry kitten food promotes healthy development, a shiny coat, and robust immunity.
  • Lastly, choose from a variety of flavors and textures that cater to your kitten’s preferences, making mealtimes a delightful experience.
  • Either it is Persian cat or a Siamese Cat, or any other breed we cater all of them

Wet Food:

  • Additionally, elevate their dining experience with our delectable wet kitten food offerings.
  • Furthermore, crafted with real meat, fish, and poultry, our wet food options entice even the pickiest eaters.
  • Moreover, the moist texture satisfies your kitten’s taste buds and provides additional hydration, which is essential for their overall well-being.
  • Lastly, our wet kitten food range is free from artificial preservatives and fillers, ensuring that your little ones enjoy a wholesome and balanced diet.

Why Choose Reem Pet Store ?

 Premium Quality:

We prioritize the health and happiness of your kittens, offering only the finest quality brands.

Nutrient-Rich Formulas:

We sell pet food which is expertly crafted to support healthy growth, strong immunity, and a shiny coat.

Variety of Flavors and Textures:

Cater to your kitten’s preferences with a diverse range of flavors and textures, making mealtime exciting.


Shop easily on, choose the food and we will deliver it at your doorstep.

Which is Best Kitten Food in Pakistan?

It is quite difficult job to rank the foods in Pakistan as there is a large number of foods imported and locally made, but still, you can define them according to your experience of selling or using that food for your own lovely kitten/ kittens.

  • Friskies
  • Whiskas
  • Felix
  • Taste of the Wild cat food
  • Happy Cat
  • Josera
  • Bonacibo
  • Reflex
  • This opinion is based on the sales and customers feeding experience and reviews.

Do’s and don’ts.

  • Firstly, begin by feeding wet food and gradually introduce dry  food as they grow.
  • Additionally, regularly include moist foods in their diet, such as wet canned food.
  • Furthermore, avoid feeding puppy or dog food to your kitten, as it lacks essential taurine, a protein vital for cats.🐾

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