Dry Food Dogs and Puppies

Get the best Dry Food for Dogs & Puppies in Pakistan. We offer competitive prices and home delivery all over Pakistan on our wide variety of Dry Food for Dogs and Puppies.

We are an online store which serves all over Pakistan, We deliver pure and fresh dog food because we know how much you love your dog. Our food is cheaper as compared to others. Because we know that it is sometimes difficult to get high priced food. To fulfill the need of each and every dog lover we also sell open food from famous brands.

Why we are the best online?

Online stores normally charge high prices for every product but we do not. Reem Pet Store passes on the part of its profit to the customer by keeping a low price. Our philosophy is to do business at low rates which results in an increase in turnover.

Famous Dog Food Brands

Our motto is to provide food from the best companies so the dog gains good health and weight. We believe in quality, not quantity.

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