Meravital Urinary Wet Cat Food


Meravital Urinary Wet Cat Food

The wet food like Mera Urinary Cat Food, fights with the issues related with the urinary tract of cats and have a  high ratio of moisture. This extra presence of moisture in the wet food speeds up to flush the urinary tract and as a result reduce the urine concentration in the body.

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Meravital Urinary Wet Cat Food

Meravital Cat Urinary Wet Food, also known as Cat Nassfutter Urinary, is available in a tin pack of 200 grams.

Wet cat foods are generally preferred over dry options in most cases, as they offer a higher moisture content. This increased moisture plays a crucial role in preventing or reducing the risk of recurrent urinary issues in cats.

To begin with, the added moisture in wet foods serves as a natural way to flush out the urinary tract. This flushing action helps maintain a healthy and well-hydrated system, preventing the accumulation of substances that may contribute to urinary problems.

Moreover, the higher moisture content aids in reducing the concentration of urine. By doing so, wet foods contribute to creating a more dilute urine, which is beneficial in minimizing the likelihood of urinary issues. Concentrated urine can lead to the formation of crystals or stones in the urinary tract, posing a risk to a cat’s overall urinary health.

Transitionally, it’s important to note that dry foods, lacking the same level of moisture, may not provide sufficient hydration to support optimal urinary function. Cats, being obligated carnivores, have a relatively low thirst drive, making it essential to incorporate moisture-rich options into their diets.

In conclusion, opting for wet cat foods actively addresses the concern of urinary issues by delivering the necessary moisture to promote a well-hydrated urinary tract. This preventive measure helps in maintaining a balanced urine concentration, ultimately reducing the risk of recurrence, and ensuring the overall health and well-being of feline companions.

The behavior of the cat is totally changed when she suffers from urinary tract infections. Some of the symptoms are that cats start licking its genital area, or vomiting.

Urine contains contingents of blood in it. Your feline friend becomes lethargic. It is important to visit a Veterinary doctor for a checkup.

Several tests like Urine specific gravity, PH, blood, and proteins in the urine are checked. This is one aspect of treatment of infections.

On the other hand, the Mera Urinary Wet Cat Food is prepared keeping in view the problems of the urinary tract during infections and helps to release the pain, discomfort and proves to be a source of relief for your cat.

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