Reflex Lamb & Rice Puppy Dog Food 15 kg


Reflex Lamb & Rice Puppy Dog Food 15 Kg

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Reflex Lamb & Rice Puppy Dog Food 15 kg

Reflex Adult Lamb & Rice Adult Dog Food is a complete and balanced premium dog food containing lamb protein, carefully formulated by cat/dog nutritionists to meet the daily nutritional needs of all adult breeds.

Omega 3 & 6 balance is provided by using natural miracle flaxseed.
With the yucca plant, odor and ammonia control are provided, and the absorption of nutrients is increased. The immune system is strengthened, the growth and performance of animals are improved.
Good intestinal health and performance are ensured with the content of pathogen-binding mannan oligosaccharide, immune-promoting beta-glucans, and CitriStim, a rich source of immune-supporting yeast.
Brewer’s yeast is used for healthy skin and shiny hair.
The immune system is strengthened by using whey powder. Muscles, organs, and nerve cells are supported.
It is enriched with vitamins and minerals.

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