Taste of the Wild Wetlands Adult Dog Food with Wild Fowl

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Taste of the Wild Wetlands Adult Dog Food with Wild Fowl, 12.2 kg

Healthy digestive and immune systems are vital to the overall health of your pet. K9 strain probiotics are developed specifically for dogs and added after the cooking process to ensure viability.


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Taste of the Wild Wetlands Adult Dog Food with Wild Fowl

Taste of the Wild Wetlands Adult Dog Food offers a grain-free, ancestral diet experience with 32% protein content. This formula embodies the dog’s carnivorous roots, providing a taste of the wild game they crave.

Packed with highly digestible energy, this dry dog food features a blend of duck, quail, and turkey. These protein sources mirror the dog’s ancestral diet, ensuring a nutrient-rich meal that supports their overall health.

In addition to the wildfowl, this formula includes a mix of nutrient-packed vegetables, legumes, and fruits. These ingredients contribute to a well-rounded and balanced nutrition profile, promoting optimal canine health.

The unique combination of fowl – duck, quail, and turkey – creates a palatable taste that dogs instinctively love. This ensures that your canine companion receives the essential nutrients they need while enjoying a flavor that resonates with their natural instincts.

By staying true to the balanced nutrition nature intended, Taste of the Wild Wetlands Dog Food supports the dog’s well-being through a formula that aligns with their evolutionary dietary needs. The absence of grains in this dry food reflects a commitment to providing a diet that prioritizes the dog’s carnivorous tendencies.

This grain-free dog food is designed to cater to the digestive needs of dogs, allowing for efficient nutrient absorption. The combination of high-quality protein sources and complementary ingredients makes this formula suitable for adult dogs, promoting their overall health and vitality.

For pet owners seeking a premium dog food option that mimics the taste of the wild while delivering essential nutrients, Taste of the Wild Wetlands Adult Dog Food stands out as a grain-free, protein-rich choice. Give your dog the nutrition they need with a formula that aligns with their ancestral instincts and satisfies their taste for the wild game.

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Weight12.2 kg

1 Kg, 12.2 Kg


Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild has a variety of cat and dog food options for different needs. From kittens to senior dogs, there's a formula for everyone.For cats, try foods like Ancient Prairie and Rocky Mountain. Ancient Prairie focuses on ancient grains, and Rocky Mountain has real venison.Kittens benefit from this food, crafted for their growth with essential nutrients.Dog owners can choose from various flavors in Dog Food. Pacific Stream offers a salmon taste, while High Prairie mirrors wild dogs' diets with buffalo and venison.For limited ingredient choices, Sierra Mountain is great for pets with sensitivities.Ancient foods add grains for potential health benefits. The Prey line includes Trout and Wetlands formulas, focusing on specific protein sources.Explore Wet Dog Food for a tasty and hydrating alternative. Wetlands have roasted fowl and smoked turkey for a delightful flavor.Taste of the Wild Bison Dog Food is a savory choice for dogs with a taste for the wild.For smaller breeds, there's a formula tailored to their unique needs.Read Dog Food Reviews for insights into others' experiences.Whether at a pet store or online, Taste of the Wild is widely available. Check your local Reem Pet Store for this high-quality pet food.In summary, this food offers a variety of cat and dog foods with different flavors and formulations to meet your pets' preferences and dietary needs.

3 reviews for Taste of the Wild Wetlands Adult Dog Food with Wild Fowl

  1. Aasia Sohail

    Food is nice. My dog liked it very much.

  2. Irshad Ahmad

    I have used this food for the first time but found it better than many other renowned foods. In my opinion, it is better than Royal Canin Dog Food. My dog easily digests it without creating any problem. I hope that in the future I will continue this food.

  3. admin1

    We have two comments on Taste of Wild dog food. It is good to hear positive comments from the customers.

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