Kelmax Cat Dog Supplement



Contains minerals, vitamin A, for production of new cells, in the body, oxidants which fight with harmful substances in the body, Vitamin D3 vital for the strong bones, Vitamin E for eyes.


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Kelmax Cat Dog Supplement

Kelmax Cat and Dog Supplement, power punch of calcium, vitamins and minerals

Contains/ Each 100 grams 

Power Punch of Calcium, Vitamins and Minerals

Contains/ Each 100 grams 

  • Calcium Gluconate  14000 mg, Calcium Gluconate is a calcium salt and used as minerals.
  • Folic Acid                          45 mg, is vitamin B which helps in the production of new cells in the body.
  • Calcium Phosphate  40000 mg , it contains a combination of calcium and phosphorus and both are minerals to support the health.
  • Lysine                             1000 mg, it is an amino acid which is not produced in the body and food and supplements is the only source of it.
  • Methionine                     850 mg, is an oxidant and destroys harmful substances in the body.
  • Vitamin D 3                    600 mg, it is necessary for the protection of the bones and as a result make the bones stronger.
  • Vitamin E                        300 mg, necessary ingredient for your eyes and important for blood, brain and skin.

Besides best cat and dog food often your pets require supplements to support their health.



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