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  • Wanpy-Chicken-Creamy-Treats

    Wanpy Chicken Creamy Treats Cats

    Cat Food  550 Add to cart

    Wanpy Chicken Creamy Treats for Cats and Kittens

    • Wanpy Chicken Creamy Treats for Cats are introduced, a delightful and nutritious indulgence designed to delight your feline companion’s taste buds.
    • This delicious licking paste is crafted to provide a delectable treat for your sweet cat’s discerning palate.

    Pack of 5 creamy sticks


  • Fluffy Cat Food, Reem Pet Store

    Fluffy Adult Cat Food 1.2 KG

    Adult Cat  800 Add to cart

    Product details of Fluffy Adult Cat Food 1.2 kg

    • For Shiny Skin And Coat
    • Formulated for the unique and harsh climate of Pakistan
    • Our food is made specifically for your pets.
    • Weight : 1.2 kg
  • Mito Adult Cat Food with Chicken- Reem Pet Store

    Mito Cat Food Chicken

    Adult Cat  1,500 19,500 Select options

    Mito Cat Food Chicken

    Mito Cat Food Chicken: Turkey’s finest, 29% protein, 13% fat, enriched with taurine, promotes a sleek coat, and enhances urinary health. 1 kg and 15 kg options.

    • 1 kg / 15 kg
    • Made in Turkey


  • Dr Clump Cat Litter - Get extra one litter in price of 5 liter

    Dr Clump Cat Litter

    Litter  450 Select options

    Dr Clump Cat Litter

    1. Weight 6 Litter by volume
    2. Available in Lavender also
    3. Absorbs Smell
    4. Keep the atmosphere fresh
    5. Extra 1 Litter free
  • Whiskas Duo Surf and Turf Cat Jelly

    Wet Food  250 Read more

    Whiskas Duo Surf and Turf Cat Jelly

    Mixed Flavours, Tuna & Trout, COD & Chicken, Salmon & Turkey, Beef & Poultry 85 grams sachet 



  • Taste of thw Wild Rocky Mountain

    Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Cat Formula

    Adult Cat  5,000 13,200 Select options

    Taste of the Wild Cat Food

    • Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Cat Formula Cat Food, with
    • Roasted venison and
    • Smoked salmon for a high-quality, natural feline diet.
    • Additionally, Reem Pet Store is pleased to present this food at the best price.
  • Cat Food - Econature

    Econature Adult Cat Food

    Adult Cat  1,600 20,500 Select options

    Econature Adult Cat Food

    Cats are very curious about things. They always keep poking into new things so waste a lot of energy in running and playing. Therefore, they a need a high protein diet and among them is Econature Cat Food.

    Please note that a 1 kg bag is made from a 15 kg large bag for the convenience of the customers. We guarantee quality.

  • Gourmet Cat Food Chicken Fillets Gravy

    Cat Food  200 Read more
    • Sachet 85 g
    • This is a complete and balanced pet food for adult cats (aged 1 to 7).
    • Meat and animal derivatives (of which chicken min 4%), vegetable protein extracts, fish and fish derivatives, minerals, various sugars.


  • Cat Litter, Dust Free, Odorless, Best in Clumping.

    Lonkeen Bentonite Cat Litter

    Litter  2,000 Add to cart

    Lonkeen Cat Litter 10 L 

    It is naturally absorbent and clumping does not support bacterial life and works as a natural drying agent due to its high absorption capacity, helping the litter box to stay hygienic and odor-free. It is also environmentally friendly and inert.

  • Mera Indoor Cat Food Finest Fit

    Mera Indoor Cat Food Finest Fit

    Adult Cat  600 7,500 Select options

    Mera Indoor Cat Food Finest Fit is made of fresh meat and other necessary ingredients that help the growth and health of the cats.

    • 1.5 kg
    • Made in Germany
  • Bonnie Cat Food Chicken 1.5 Kg

    Cat Food  600 2,400 Select options
    • Packing 0.500 Kg &1.5 Kg
    • Chicken Flavor
    • Fresh and Nutritional
    • Made in Turkey
  • Bow Collar - Reem Pet Store

    Cat & Dog Bow Collar

    Grooming  200 Add to cart

    Available in one size only.

  • Diamond Naturals Cat Food is an American Product made for cats. Contains chicken and rice as basic ingredient.

    Diamond Naturals Indoor Adult Cat Food 1Kg

    Adult Cat  2,900 Add to cart

    Diamond Naturals Indoor Cat Food 1 kg

    • Formulated to meet the everyday needs of adult cats.
    • With cage-free chicken for great taste and nutrition.
    • Omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids for skin and coat.
    • Helps control and reduce hairball formation. Enhanced with superfoods and probiotics
  • Litter Tray for kittens

    Paw Comfort Kitten Litter Tray

    Litter Trays  650 850 Select options

    Paw Comfort Kitten Litter Tray

    The Paw Comfort Kitten Litter Tray is a durable, lightweight cat litter box made of fine plastic, providing a comfortable space for kittens and easy maintenance for owners.

  • Tiger Pet Cat Litter

    Litter  500 Read more

    Tiger Pet Cat Litter 10 L 

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