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Josera Renal Cat Food

Josera Renal Cat Food is the right feed that can provide relief: Feed such as our Josera Help Renal, which has been specially tailored to cats with kidney problems.

Because many cats with kidney disease often eat poorly – the high acceptance of the medicated dry feed helps here. Josera Help Renal promote nutrient supply day after day – with all the important vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that the cat needs. The protein- and phosphorus-reduced recipe also helps to relieve the kidneys in particular. To compensate, each kibble of the complete dietary feed is rich in B vitamins, which would otherwise be increasingly lost through the kidneys in such a condition. The nettle contained in the phytogenic complex is traditionally used for flushing therapy of the draining urinary tract and is also valued for its anti-inflammatory properties.

The sick kidney is relieved and thus the well-being of the cat is increased. Unfortunately, the process of the disease can usually only be slowed down.

  • Metabolizing organs, especially the kidneys, are relieved by the low-protein and low-phosphorus recipe
  • Rich in B vitamins, which are increasingly lost with kidney disease
  • Phytogen complex: nettle promotes excretion via the urinary tract
  • Thanks to high acceptance and energy density, slimming is counteracted and the supply of nutrients is ensured
  • Salmon oil provides omega-3 fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatory and play an important role in the immune system

Dietary complete feed with a gluten-free recipe for adult cats with chronic renal insufficiency (CRI).

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