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Family-owned and operated. We started Reem Pet Store Pakistan in 2018. Some twelve years back my son brought a Siamese cat home. On the arrival of the cat which was later named Fluffy, I was a bit annoyed with this new guest. I asked my son to take it back and drop it from where he got it. He bowed to my order and told me that when he will go back to his hostel he will take it back.

When he was leaving for his hostel and taking away the male cat with him he was gloomed and his younger sister and brother asked me to keep the cat just for one more week. I surrendered to their request and allowed the cat to stay at home.
But it never happened and the cat remained in the house as a family member. We looked for the litter, food, and other accessories for the cat but did not find them in the market.
We not only fed the cat but his offspring and the number of cats in our house reached 12. During this era, I developed a love for the cats and started looking for all the cats inside and outside the house.
Last year I perceived the idea of opening a pet store where we can find all the products for cats and dogs. So we started a store realizing that it would be difficult for all pet lovers to find pet products under one roof. So in 2018 we started our pet store and named it Reem Pet Store. Reem is my granddaughter.
We’re not a fancy, high-priced pet boutique store. We are continually searching for high-quality pet products from all over the world. We are aiming to be your favorite one-stop online pet store where you can find quality products at unbeatable prices and provide exceptional customer service that exceeds your expectations.
Please feel free to browse through our website, and hopefully, you will see things you’ve never seen before. If you’re looking for something that we don’t have or if you have any questions or thoughts that you want to share with our company, kindly let us know.
Welcome to Reem Pet Store Pakistan. Happy Shopping!
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