Josera Léger Cat Food


Josera Léger Cat Food 2 Kg

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Josera Léger Cat Food

2 Kg

Josera Léger Cat Food is optimally tuned to your cat’s needs. The resealable bag guarantees your cat’s food will stay fresh.

Josera Léger at a glance:

  • Anti-Hair Ball: Your cat spends a large part of its day grooming itself. He/She will often swallow single hairs that can eventually collect into nasty hairballs. Special dietary fiber in Josera Emotion Léger Cat Food allows this hair to progress further through your cat’s digestive tract in order to prevent the formation of hairballs.
  • Weight Control: dietary fibers make your cat feel more full. The increased protein content also stimulates the metabolism and L-carnitine supports digestion
  • PH-Control: The careful selection of ingredients ensures an optimal Calcium-Phosphorus ratio and a reduced level of magnesium. This creates an optimal pH balance in your cat’s urine and also prevents the formation of urinary stones.
  • Vitality: the addition of high-grade protein assures easy digestion resulting in reduced amounts of vomit. High-quality amino acids that catalyze the active ingredients yeast and vitamin E help strengthen the immune system.

Josera is known for its controlled and tested top quality from the Odenwald. Josera cat food has been developed using environmentally friendly techniques and the latest scientific findings with the collaboration of experts and practitioners. Each Josera Emotion product is ideally suited to the individual needs of its targeted type of cat.


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