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  • Josera Culinesse Cat Food

    Josera Cullinesse Cat Food

    Adult Cat Food  4,800 Add to cart

    Josera Culinesse Cat Food 2 kg


  • Josera Renal Help Adult Cat Food

    Josera Renal Cat Food

    Cat Food  6,000 Add to cart

    Josera Renal Cat Food 2 kg

    Does your cat suffer from kidney disease? In such cases, the right feed can provide relief: Feed such as our Josera Help Renal, which has been specially tailored to cats with kidney problems.



  • Josera Léger Cat Food

    Cat Food  5,000 Read more

    Josera Léger Cat Food 2 Kg

    Discover  Josera Léger Cat Food: Crafted to Enhance Your Feline’s Well-being

    Josera Léger Cat Food, conveniently packed in a resealable 2 kg bag, is designed to prioritize your cat’s health. This specialized formula focuses on weight management and hairball prevention, addressing key aspects of your feline friend’s overall well-being.


  • Josera Kitten Cat Food

    Cat Food  4,800 Read more

    Josera Kitten Cat Food, 2 kg

    • Josera Kitten: high-energy, easily digestible, and tasty for growing cats
    • With essential nutrients and prevention of hairballs, it is ideal for the first year, pregnancy, and lactation.
  • The salmon in cat food in enriched with proteins and essential oils which support the growth of the cat.

    Josera Marinesse Cat Food

    Cat Food  4,800 Add to cart

    Josera Marinesse Cat Food 2 kg

    • 2 kg pack
    • For cats with demanding taste buds, we offer a grain-free salmon menu with 73% animal proteins and a protein/fat ratio of 30/15%. We also maintain a urinary pH level between 6.0 and 6.5. demanding taste buds and promotes a urinary pH between 6.0 and 6.5.


  • Josera kitten chicken with salmon

    Josera Wet Food for Kittens

    Kitten Food  550 Add to cart

    Josera Wet Food for Kittens 85 g

    Josera Pate Kitten: Grain-free, with salmon oil for growth, anti-hairball properties, and delicious jelly texture to nurture your kitten’s optimal development and well-being.

  • Josera Pure Chicken Fillets- Reem Pet Store

    Josera Pure Cat Fillets 70 G

    Wet Food  500 Add to cart

    Josera Pure Cat Fillets, 70 G

    Meat variation with 60% chicken, 40% of which are pieces of chicken fillet. A PH value of 6.0–6.5 prevents urinary stones.



  • Josera Urinary Cat Food is a complete medicated feed promotes an acidic urinary pH to reduce the likelihood of struvite stones forming. The recipe also has a reduced magnesium content and a balanced protein and phosphorus content.

    Josera Urinary Cat Food

    Cat Food  6,000 Add to cart

    Josera Urinary Cat Food 2 kg

    • Magnesium-reduced recipe for cats
    • Promotes an acidic urine pH to reduce the risk of struvite stone formation
    • Balanced protein and phosphorus ratio to counteract the formation of struvite stones


  • Josera introuduces special grain free food for cats, which does not include, rice, wheat, bread, cereals etc.

    Josera Daily Cat Food

    Cat Food  5,000 Add to cart

    Josera Daily Cat Food 2 kg

    82 percent Animal Protein, 33/16  Protein, fat.

    Best Cat Food without grains.

  • Josera Gastrointestinal Dry Cat Food 2 kg

    Josera Gastro Cat Food 

    Cat Food  6,000 Add to cart

    Josera Gastro Cat Food 2 Kg

    Josera Gastro Cat Food is best for gastrointestinal problems, belching, stomach rumbling, and diarrhea are the order of the day.




  • Jusera Nature Cat Food - Reem Pet Store

    Josera Nature Cat Food

    Cat Food  5,200 Add to cart

    Josera Nature Cat Food 2 Kg 

    Josera Nature Cat Food is a true pleasure for all adventurers. Grain-free and with an extra serving of delicious poultry and salmon.

    2 kg pack

  • josera Catelux cat food - Reem Pet Store

    Josera Catelux Cat Food

    Cat Food  4,800 Add to cart

    Josera Catelux Cat Food 2 kg

    With tasty duck & potato, Josera Catelux is perfect for gourmets. Thanks to the extra dietary fiber, Catelux is also the ideal food for cats with a tendency to develop hairballs.

  • Josera Naturelle Cat Food

    Cat Food  3,800 Read more

    Josera Naturelle Cat Food

    JOSERA Naturelle with lentils and trout offers a grain-free, tasty recipe with moderate fat content to provide your pet with the best possible care. 2 kg


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