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Happy Cat Stomach & Intestines


Happy Cat Happy Cat Stomach & Intestines (Megan & Darm) 1.3 kg

Happy Cat Stomach & Intestines Cat Food: A digestible blend of duck and rice, gentle on the stomach, providing optimal support for feline digestive health.

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Happy Cat Stomach & Intestines Cat Food 1.3 Kg

Happy Cat Sensitive Stomach & Intestinal is a premium cat food meticulously crafted to provide optimal support for feline digestive health. This delectable and easily digestible formula features a harmonious blend of duck and rice, enriched with carefully selected herbs like chamomile and licorice. These ingredients work in tandem to create a nourishing and soothing diet for your cat’s sensitive stomach and intestinal needs.

Duck, rich in protein, constitutes a significant portion of this recipe at 24%, ensuring that your cat receives essential amino acids for overall health. Rice, making up 15% of the formula, is a highly digestible carbohydrate source that promotes digestive ease. The inclusion of rice flour, rice protein, and other high-quality components ensures a gluten-free formulation that supports a balanced digestive system.

Happy Cat Sensitive Stomach & Intestinal has been specially formulated with the unique dietary requirements of cats with sensitive digestion in mind. It helps reduce the likelihood of digestive issues by providing gentle nutrition that’s easy on the stomach.

Happy Cat Stomach & Intestines formula includes a diverse range of ingredients such as hydrolyzed liver, hydrolyzed fish, and essential fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6, which contribute to a healthy coat and overall vitality. Additionally, herbs like chamomile and licorice provide a soothing effect on the digestive tract.

The analytical constituents of this food boast impressive figures, with 34% crude protein to support muscle development, 14% crude fat for energy, and a balanced ratio of fiber, ash, calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals to support overall well-being. Notably, the formula contains valuable herbs like dandelion, ginger, and nettle, which contribute to holistic feline health.

Happy Cat Sensitive Stomach & Intestinal is a premium dietary choice that combines exquisite taste with the digestive benefits your cat deserves. It’s the perfect solution for cats with sensitive digestive systems, ensuring they can enjoy each meal while maintaining their health and vitality.

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