Felix Goody Bag Original Cat Treats


Felix Goody Bag Original Cat Treats 60 g

Flavored with chicken, liver, Turkey

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Felix Purina Pakistan

Felix Goody Bag Original Cat Treats 60 g

Felix Goody Bag Original Cat Treats – An irresistible, colorful mix of treats, full of enticing aromas, delicious flavors, and appealing textures, it will keep your feline friend happy and healthy, a great source of proteins, vitamins, and 6 fatty acids, helps your cat live a healthy and happy life

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Seaside Mix, Original Mix



Everyone knows Felix – or a clever cat just like Felix!

To satisfy the needs of your loveable mischievous rascal, discover the irresistible range of Felix products; tasty meals with fascinating combinations and delicious surprises like flavourful jellies, sauces, and even crunchy toppings!
Felix Purina Pakistan


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