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Josera Culinesse Cat Food

Josera Culinesse Cat Food with refined salmon is just the thing for discerning cats. The balanced formula makes  Josera Culinesse easy to digest and particularly tasty.

With delicious salmon for your gourmet cat

The moderate fat content makes JOSERA Culinesse ideal for indoor and outdoor cats

Valuable fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements for healthy skin and a shiny coat

Encourages a pH-value of 6.0-6.5 to reduce the risk of urinary stone formation

Complete feed for adult cats.

Composition of Josera Culinesse Cat Food

Composition: poultry protein (dried); rice; maize; gr eaves; poultry fat; sugar beet pulp; salmon meal 6%; poultry protein (hydrolyzed), maize protein; poultry liver (dried) minerals.

Product benefits


Dietary fiber supports the transport of swallowed hair through the digestive tract and can thus help prevent the formation of hairballs.

URINARY-PH 6.0-6.5

The careful selection of ingredients and the special recipes ensure a perfect calcium-phosphorus ratio and a reduced magnesium level. A pH-value of 6.0-6.5 is being supported and can reduce the risk of urinary stone formation.


Shiny and silky fur and healthy skin are signs of optimal nutrition for your cat. This is the result of valuable fatty acids, vitamins, as well as zinc and copper in an easy to absorb form in an organic

amount of food
Culinesse / 24 h
2 – 3 kg30 – 45 g
3 – 4 kg45 – 60 g
4 – 5 kg60 – 75 g
5 – 7 kg75 – 105 g
7 – 10 kg105 – 135 g
Please keep in mind that the recommended amounts are only a rough indication and should be adapted to the individual cat’s feeding needs and activity level. Always provide your cat with fresh drinking water.


Weight2 kg


Josera Pet Food

Josera Pet Food offers a diverse range of high-quality pet food products catering to various dietary needs.

Family Plus

Family Plus is a hypoallergenic cat and dog food, ideal for families with pets, ensuring complete and balanced nutrition.

High Energy

The High Energy line is formulated to meet the increased energy demands of active dogs, promoting vitality and overall well-being.For kittens, Josera Kitten provides essential nutrients for growth and development, supporting a healthy transition to adulthood.
Josidog, available in both economy and regular variants, offers nutritionally rich options for dogs, ensuring they receive optimal nourishment at an affordable price.SensiCat is specially crafted for cats with sensitive stomachs, providing a gentle and easily digestible formula.Catelux is designed for the sophisticated palate of cats, offering a premium dining experience with a focus on taste and nutrition.The Josera Lamb and Rice formula is tailored for dogs with specific dietary requirements or sensitivities, promoting digestive health and overall vitality.Marinesse, available for both cats and dogs, incorporates marine ingredients for a unique flavor profile and added nutritional benefits.Culinesse is a cat food variant that prioritizes a balance of nutrients to support skin and coat health, enhancing the feline's natural radiance.Josera Leger is formulated for weight management in cats, promoting healthy weight and reducing the risk of obesity-related issues.Adult caters to the nutritional needs of adult cats, ensuring they receive the right balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.Active, another dog food variant, is designed for highly active dogs, supporting their energy requirements for an active lifestyle.In summary, Josera's extensive product line covers a spectrum of dietary requirements for both cats and dogs, emphasizing quality ingredients and nutritional balance to promote the overall well-being of pets at every life stage.Available at best prices online Reem Pet Store


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