Econature Adult Cat Food

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Econature Adult Cat Food

Cats are very curious about things. They always keep poking into new things so waste a lot of energy in running and playing. Therefore, they a need a high protein diet and among them is Econature Cat Food.

Please note that a 1 kg bag is made from a 15 kg large bag for the convenience of the customers. We guarantee quality.

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Econature Adult Cat Food – 15 KG

Econature Adult Cat Food is one of the best cat foods available in the market and online stores.

Why Econature is the best and called healthy Cat Food?

High Protein Ratio 30 %

  • Econature guarantees the welling being and good health of the cat because it has high protein content .
  • Food has a balanced nitrogen which maintains the weight of the cats and prevents obesity in them.
  • This is one of the main features of this food that pet lovers choose it.
  • The intake of this factor in the intestines of cats and kittens is high, resulting in bone improvement.
  • Cats have an naturally high level of activity, which results in their consuming more calories. Consequently, their food requires a high ratio of protein to support their growth.
  • Finally, it is well balance and nutritious food for the cats and kittens. It supports overall health and vitality of your beloved companion.

Fat Content 14%

  • The Fat content is 14 % which is good enough.
  • Fat is an important nutrient and plays a vital role in the development of your lovely cat. The main source of energy for the cats and kittens is fat.
  • Many vitamins in cat food will not absorb without the presence of fat because they are fat-soluble.
  • Fat ratio in the food must be always moderate.  Because Vitamin A, D, E, and K including essential fatty acids only dissolve in fat. These elements will not dissolve, if the fat ratio is low.
  • Therefore, such vitamins will go wasted. These vitamins are necessary and important for the overall health of the skin, coat, eyes, and other organs.

Other contents of the Feline Food

Cereals, Dehydrated animal protein, Chicken Fat, Rice, Potassium chloride, Liver flavor, salt,  Crude Fiber 14%, Crude Ash 89%

So if you want to keep your cat healthy then you must feed them with healthy Econature Cat Food.


Weight15 Kg
Made inTurkey

Also available in a 1 kg pack, made from a 15 kg bag.

Price : Rs. 1600.00

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