Whiskas 1+ Cat Food Salmon Bag 1.9 kg 


Whiskas 1+ Cat Food Salmon Bag 1.9 kg 

Whiskas 1+ Cat Food Salmon Bag 1.9 kg provides adult cats with protein-rich salmon, essential for muscle health, in a convenient package.


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whiskas cat food Reem Pet Store Pakistan

Whiskas 1+ Cat Food Salmon Bag 1.9 kg

Whiskas 1+ Cat Food Salmon Bag 1.9 kg is a premium dry cat food designed to provide comprehensive nutrition for adult cats aged 1 year and older. The key ingredient, salmon, is a high-quality source of protein and essential fatty acids that promote optimal health and vitality in adult cats.

Salmon is a notable component of this cat food, offering a rich source of protein essential for maintaining muscle mass and overall body functions. Protein is a crucial nutrient for felines, supporting their growth, repair of tissues, and ensuring they remain active and healthy throughout their adult years. Additionally, salmon provides essential omega-3 fatty acids, particularly DHA and EPA, which are beneficial for a cat’s skin, coat, joint health, and cognitive function.

The 1.9 kg bag size is convenient for cat owners, providing enough food to sustain an adult cat for an extended period. This ensures that cat owners can easily manage their cat’s diet and maintain a consistent feeding routine.

The formulation of Whiskas 1+ Cat Food Salmon Bag considers the specific needs of adult cats. Cats at this stage of life require a well-balanced diet to support their overall health, including their immune system, digestive system, and urinary tract. This cat food is carefully formulated to provide the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that adult cats need for their daily activities and to thrive.

Moreover, this cat food is free from artificial colors and flavors, highlighting Whiskas’ commitment to delivering a natural and wholesome diet for cats. Artificial additives can sometimes trigger adverse reactions in cats, making the absence of these components a significant advantage for the health and well-being of the feline companions.

In conclusion, Whiskas 1+ Cat Food Salmon Bag 1.9 kg is a top-quality dry cat food suitable for adult cats, specifically formulated to meet their unique nutritional requirements. With salmon as a primary ingredient, providing essential protein and omega-3 fatty acids, along with a convenient 1.9 kg bag size and the absence of artificial colors and flavors, this cat food ensures that adult cats receive a nutritious and tasty diet for a healthy and fulfilling life.


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Whiskas is a brand of cat food sold throughout the world. It is owned by the American company Mars, Incorporated. It is available either as meat-like pieces in cans, pouches, or dry biscuits. Most packaging is a recognisable purple color with a stylized silhouette of a cat's head.
whiskas cat food Reem Pet Store Pakistan


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