Mera Puppy Powder Milk


Mera Puppy Powder Milk 400 g

Mera Puppy Powder Milk complements Mera Dog Junior 1, offering ideal nutrition for newborn puppies and vital nutrients for lactating bitches.

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Mera Puppy Powder Milk 400 g

Mera Puppy Powder Milk stands out as an exceptional choice for nurturing newborn puppies, offering a comprehensive and balanced nutritional profile that complements Mera Dog Junior 1 dog food. Tailored to meet the unique needs of growing puppies, this milk formula serves as an excellent supplementary source, delivering a blend of pure, high-quality milk protein, essential fats, and carefully selected oils to provide a rich array of unsaturated fatty acids.

The foundation of  Powder Milk lies in its exclusive use of pure, valuable milk protein. This ensures that the growing puppies receive a protein source that closely mimics the natural composition of maternal milk, promoting optimal growth and development. The emphasis on quality protein is particularly crucial during the early stages of a puppy’s life, as it plays a pivotal role in building strong muscles, tissues, and overall body structure.

Furthermore, the inclusion of carefully selected fats and oils in it serves a dual purpose. Not only do they contribute to the product’s palatability, making it enticing for the puppies, but they also provide a vital source of unsaturated fatty acids. These fatty acids are essential for promoting healthy brain development and maintaining a shiny, lustrous coat. The balanced combination of fats and oils ensures that the nutritional needs of growing puppies are met comprehensively, supporting their overall well-being.

Vitamins and trace elements are integral components of Mera Puppy Powder Milk, contributing to its overall nutritional value. The meticulous selection of these nutrients ensures that the product delivers a well-rounded and complete dietary solution for developing puppies. These essential vitamins and trace elements play crucial roles in various physiological processes, ranging from bone formation to immune system support.

Notably, Mera Puppy Powder Milk is not only beneficial for the young ones but also serves as a valuable nutritional supplement for lactating bitches. The carefully crafted formula supports the increased nutritional requirements of nursing mothers, helping them provide the best possible nourishment for their offspring.

In conclusion, it  emerges as a top-tier choice for fostering the healthy development of newborn puppies. With its emphasis on pure milk protein, essential fats, and a balanced array of vitamins and trace elements, this complementary food, when paired with Mera Dog Junior 1 dog food, forms a comprehensive and optimal nutritional solution for both growing puppies and lactating bitches.


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    Mera Puppy Powder Milk complements is the best product to feed the puppies and growing stages. Also serves better to lactating bitches if combined with Mera Junior Dog Food 1Mera Puppy Powder Milk

    Availability: 2 in stock

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