Large Dog Nylon Leash with Adjustable Collar


  • Durable double layers weave nylon and collar set, connect you and your pet and make you the master when you are in walking.
  • Heavy-duty collar let your pet get a perfect safety fit and never escape your side.

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Large Dog Nylon Leash with Adjustable Collar

Take Control of Walks with a Large Dog Leash and Collar Set!

Seeking a reliable leash and collar combo for your strong canine companion?

  • Look no further! This Large Dog Nylon Leash with Adjustable Collar offers everything you need for safe and enjoyable walks.

Built to Last:

  • This set boasts a durable double-layered nylon leash, designed to withstand even the most enthusiastic pullers.
  • Transitioning seamlessly from leash to collar, the set ensures a secure connection between you and your furry friend, putting you in control during walks.

Comfort and Safety for Your Dog:

  • Prioritizing your dog’s well-being, the heavy-duty collar is adjustable for a perfect safety fit.
  • This eliminates the risk of escape while ensuring comfortable wear with no irritation to your pet’s neck.

Strong and Secure Connection:

  • Never worry about accidental detaches! The set features a sturdy stainless steel hook and a link chain with heavy-duty nickel plating, creating a secure connection you can rely on.

Stylish Options for Every Pup:

  • While the product description may vary in color, you can choose from classic colors like red, blue, and black.
  • This allows you to find the perfect match for your dog’s unique personality.

Important Note:

  • Currently, this set is available in sizes Small and Medium. For larger dog breeds, explore other size options offered by the seller.

Invest in a Leash and Collar Set That Grows with Your Dog!

  • This Large Dog Nylon Leash with Adjustable Collar is a versatile and durable choice for dog owners.
  • It provides both comfort and control, making it ideal for training walks and leisurely s

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Blue, Red, Black

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