Dr Clump Cat Litter


Dr Clump Cat Litter

  1. Weight 6 Litter by volume
  2. Available in Lavender also
  3. Absorbs Smell
  4. Keep the atmosphere fresh
  5. Extra 1 Litter free
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Dr Clump Cat Litter

Dr. Clump Cat Litter is a top-tier choice for cat owners seeking a high-quality and efficient litter solution. This product stands out with its generous offering of 6 liters by volume, ensuring that you have an ample supply to keep your cat’s litter box fresh and clean.

One remarkable feature of this  Litter is its exceptional ability to absorb and neutralize foul odors. The litter actively tackles unpleasant smells, providing a more pleasant and inviting atmosphere for both you and your feline companion. This is especially important in households where maintaining a fresh and odor-free environment is a priority.

What sets Dr. Clump Cat Litter apart is the additional value it provides to customers. With an extra liter included, you get more than what you pay for. This surplus litter ensures that you have enough to last longer, saving you trips to the store and adding convenience to your routine. This extra litter is a testament to the manufacturer’s dedication to customer satisfaction and their understanding of the importance of a reliable cat litter supply.

Furthermore, Dr. Clump Cat Litter is also available in a lavender variant, offering a soothing and pleasant fragrance. The lavender scent not only aids in controlling odors but also contributes to a calming and serene atmosphere in your living space. It’s a thoughtful touch that enhances the overall experience for both you and your beloved feline friend.

In summary, Dr. Clump Cat Litter is a standout product known for its 6-liter volume, lavender option, superior odor control, and the extra litter provided at no additional cost. Investing in this cat litter ensures a fresh and inviting home environment, making it a choice that both cats and their owners can appreciate.


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Weight6.5 kg

Lavender, Charcoal

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