Cat and Dog Supplement


Cat and Dog Supplement

Introducing a premium range of cat and dog supplements, our freeze-dried options are designed to enhance your pet’s nutrition and overall well-being. 60-gram can.

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Cat and Dog Supplement

Freeze Dried Cat and Dog Supplement.Introducing a premium range of cat and dog supplements, our freeze-dried options are designed to enhance your pet’s nutrition and overall well-being. Here’s a closer look at our offerings:

  1. Freeze-Dried Chicken and Fish Roe: Packed with wholesome ingredients, including freeze-dried chicken, spring fish, roe, carrot, pumpkin, and cabbage, this supplement provides a nutrient-rich blend for your pet’s delight.
  2. Freeze-Dried Duck and Goat Milk: Indulge your pet with the goodness of freeze-dried duck meat and goat milk powder, complemented by carrots, pumpkin, and cabbage. This formula offers a delectable combination for both cats and dogs.
  3. Freeze-Dried Salmon Seaweed: A seafood delight, this supplement combines freeze-dried salmon with seaweed, sesame, carrot, pumpkin, and cabbage, providing a burst of flavours and essential nutrients.
  4. Freeze-Dried COD and Krill: Featuring freeze-dried COD and krill powder, along with carrots, pumpkin, and cabbage, this supplement offers a protein-packed option with the added benefits of krill.
  5. Freeze-Dried Chicken Fruits and Vegetables: For a fruity twist, our freeze-dried chicken blend includes sesame seeds, carrots, pumpkins, and cabbage, creating a delicious mix that your pets will love.
  6. Freeze-Dried Beef and Egg Yolk: This variant combines the richness of freeze-dried beef with the goodness of egg yolk, carrots, pumpkin, and cabbage, ensuring a well-rounded nutritional profile.

Storage Conditions: To maintain freshness, store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, and out of reach of children.

Instructions for Use: Suitable for cats and dogs of all ages, consume the supplement as soon as possible after opening. Each can weigh 60 grams, providing a generous portion for your pets.

Guaranteed Ingredients Analysis: Our supplements boast a high-quality composition with a crude protein content of 53%, crude fat at 5%, crude fibre measuring 2%, coarse ash content of 4%, and a moisture level of 8%.

Suggestions for Feeding: Enhance your pet’s meals by mixing 1-2 teaspoons (5g) with their staple food or add 2-3 times the amount of water and mix evenly before feeding. Remember to use the supplement promptly after opening the can.

Available Online at Reem Pet Store: Find our premium freeze-dried supplements at the best prices on Reem Pet Store’s online platform. Elevate your pet’s dining experience with these delectable and nutritious options.


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    Freeze Dried Supplement for cat and dogsCat and Dog Supplement

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