Rexy Plus Kitten Food Chicken


Rexy Plus Kitten Food Chicken

1 Kg

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Rexy Plus Kitten Food Chicken, 1 KG

Brief Description

Bone – for muscle growth and energy required; Chicken Meat is enriched with extra protein, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals.

– It contains organic minerals for bone development. It also contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin for healthy joint and cartilage development.

– High-quality vitamin and antioxidant additives strengthen the immune system and increase the defense resistance against diseases.

– Omega 3 Omega 6 essential fatty acids and other fatty acids balance is ensured. It is effective in the development of the nervous system, the formation of a healthy skin feather structure, and the regulation of joint and vascular health.

– Calcium – Phosphorus balance in its content supports the development of healthy teeth and skeletal structure. In addition, the physical structure of the grains prevents the formation of tartar by performing mechanical cleaning.

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Weight1 kg

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