Wanpy Creamy Treats Scallop


Wanpy Creamy Treats Scallop-  Pack of 5 Cream filled Sticks outside very soft biscuit

Indulge your pet with Wanpy Creamy Treats Scallop—a sumptuous delight made with real scallops. These creamy treats offer a taste of luxury and nutrition for your furry friend. With their rich flavor and quality ingredients, your pet will savor every bite of this premium, irresistible treat.


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Wanpy Creamy Treats Scallop

Wanpy Creamy Treats Scallop, is a pet food manufactured in Yantai, China. Here are some key details about the company:

  1. Location: Yantai, China, a beautiful seashore city, with a facility covering 400,000 square meters.
  2. Global Presence: Wanpy operates 14 modern pet food factories worldwide and has 16 subsidiaries.
  3. Founder: Mr. Hao Zhongli founded the company in 1998 and started his venture in the pet business.
  4. Quality Standards: All of Wanpy’ s factories have been approved by the HACCP Food Safety System, which is a globally recognized standard for food safety.
  5. Brands: Wanpy is a global brand operator in the pet food industry and owns several brands, including “Wanpy,” “Truly,” and “Jerky Time.”
  6. Global Reach: Wanpy is a leading pet food manufacturer in China, and its products are exported to more than 50 countries on five continents. Some of the notable countries include Japan, the USA, Canada, Germany, the UK, France, Australia, Russia, and South Korea.
  7. Annual Sales: Wanpy’ s annual sales exceed one billion units, indicating its significant presence and market share in the pet food industry.
  8. European Subsidiary: One of its subsidiaries is Wanpy Europe Pet foods bv which operates a warehouse in the Netherlands. This warehouse stocks various Wanpy brands and offers delivery options, including container shipments directly from the factory in China to customers or pallet deliveries to B-customers across Europe.
  9. Product Range: Wanpy offers a diverse range of pet food products, including items such as Wanpy Tooth Brush Chews Beef Flavor, Wanpy Chicken Jerky And Calcium Bone Twists, Wanpy Soft Chicken Jerky Strips for Dogs, and several creamy lick able treats for cats with flavors like Tuna and Shrimp, Tuna and Codfish, and Chicken.

Wanpy’ s extensive global presence and commitment to quality standards make it a prominent player in the pet food industry, serving pet owners and their furry companions around the world. If you are interested in purchasing their products in Pakistan, it appears that they offer a variety of pet food options for both dogs and cats.

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