Trixie Tuna Cat Sticks 42746


Trixie Tuna Cat Sticks 42746

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Trixie Tuna Cat Sticks 42746

Bring your crispy bacon strips, offer your feline some Trixie Premio Tuna Strips for Cats, and join them for a yummy breakfast!

The Trixie Premio Tuna Strips for Cats are high-quality, tasty treats suitable for cats and rich in fish (90% content). They are designed to pamper your feline friends or to be used as a reward for special moments.

These Trixie Premio Tuna Strips are especially rich in proteins, which is particularly important in a healthy cat’s diet, and don’t contain any added sugar or gluten in their composition. These snacks are presented in a resealable bag to keep their freshness for longer.


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