Rawhide Bones for Dogs

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Rawhide bones for dogs are best for chewing, which keeps the teeth clean and removes bad smells, making the jaw strong. It comes in different sizes and some include flavors also to attract the dog.


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Rawhide Bones for Dogs

What are rawhide bones?

Rawhide bones for dogs are made of the inner layer of cow or horse hides. These are then cut into pieces and cleaned. Then pressed into different shapes and sizes. Some Flavor or portions of chicken and beef are added to them. Dogs chew them due to the attraction of flavor and meat present in them.

Advantages and disadvantages.

Rawhide bones have some advantages but have disadvantages also.  Many reputable pet products manufacturing companies like Hartz are manufacturing them. At present, most of the rawhide bones are coming from China.

People call these bones by different names; some ask for rawhide bones for dogs. Many ask for raw hide bones for dogs, but the Rawhide bones are given as a treat to the dogs occasionally. Some Packings are named Rawhide Sticks.

We as a pet store would like to explain some advantages and disadvantages of these Rawhide bones or rawhide sticks.


Benefits of rawhide.

All dogs chew because it is an instinct of the dog. Many dogs keep on chewing for hours. This chewing results in lowering their anxiety.

Puppies at home normally jump over the shoes and legs of the chairs or tables. When they chew rawhide bones, they forget to destroy the shoes or other valuable articles.

Another factor is that dog develops strong jaws, clean teeth, and fresh breath. This chewing also prevents their teeth from tartar.

Risks if any of chewing rawhide dog bones.

Some common risk factors.


Rawhide bones may contain some toxic elements. Bacterial infection due to the presence of salmonella or E-Coli a famous bacteria can occur.

Irritation in Digestion.

Dogs have different natures. Some dogs are allergic to the chemicals which are included in the making of rawhide bones for dogs. It may result in diarrhea.

Choking in the throat.

Rawhide bones are a little bit hard to chew and swallow. Sometimes these bones are stuck in the esophagus due to the engulfing of large pieces and choke the digestive tract of the dog.

In such cases, a surgery or veterinary doctor is required to save the life of the dog and to remove the piece of the bone from the gut. A possibility of death of the dog is present if the piece is not removed.


Rawhide bones are not bad for dogs but the pet lover must keep a check on the activity of the dog when he gives it to the dog for chewing.

Dog Health Issues.

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