Prazitabs Deworming Tablets 1Tab


Prazitabs Deworming Tablets 1Tab

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Prazitabs Deworming Tablets 1Tab

Prazitab Deworming for Cats & Dogs

Many pets are very susceptible to seasonal illnesses. Most often, in the fall or winter, there is a deterioration in immunity, and the animal can often get sick and recover for a long time. This is especially true for dogs that spend almost all their time on the street. Therefore, it is very important to carefully monitor the health of the animal, so that when symptoms of the disease appear, consult a veterinarian on time. We have a large selection of medicines for the prevention and treatment of seasonal diseases in dogs and puppies of different breeds.

0,8 g of the drug contains active ingredients:
– Praziquantel 50 mg;
– Pyrantel pamoate (embonate) 150 mg;
– Excipients

Pyrantel blocks neurogenic signals by means of susceptible parasites’ depolarization causing their paralysis. It has nicotine properties and acts like acetylcholine, suppressing cholinesterase.
The antiparasitic action of this drug is based on a combination of all compounds, possessing a synergic effect on all forms of flatworms and roundworms

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