Petsentials Training Pads Cats Dogs


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Petsentials Training Pads Cats Dogs

Of course bringing home a puppy, kitten or any adorable pet is an exciting day for the whole family. But what’s not so exciting is potty training them. As the owner and parent of your pets, they look to you for help, now you can give them just that!

Now with Petsentials Training Pads, you can even dispose of the used pads without worrying of any leakage. We’re confident after your pet’s first try, Petsentials will become essential for them.

Petsentials Training Pads make training your new little furry friend a breeze. Reward them when they use the pad. Truly, toilet training has never been so simple!

*Place on the floor, plastic side down and absorbent side up.

*Flatten the adhesive tape on the ground to avoid the pad from moving.

*Introduce it to your pet as the attractant in the pad raises their curiosity.

*Keep taking your pet to it so they get comfortable using it

*Reward your pet when they use it and change as needed.

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