Josera Young Star Puppy Food


Josera Young Star Puppy Food 15 kg

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Josera Young Star Puppy Food 15 kg

The natural growth formula for our young adventurers, the perfect companion into adulthood with particularly nutritious ingredients. Grain-free and with wholesome poultry meat.


  • For young dogs over the age of 6 weeks
  • Easily digestible with no grains
  • Specially tailored for growth with the right calcium-phosphorus ratio
  • Moderate energy and protein content
  • Valuable fatty acids from salmon support brain development and trainability
  • L-carnitine, high-quality protein, and Taurine support cardiac function and skeletal development
  • Can be fed all the way into adulthood

Complete feed for growing dogs.

Weight15 kg



Josera Kitten Food grain free-Reem Pet Store


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