HC Minkas Hairball Control Poultry


HC Minkas Hairball Control Poultry 1.5 kg

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Happy Cat Skin Protection Cat Food

HC Minkas Hairball Control Poultry

Especially tastyESPECIALLY TASTY

Gentle on the stomach and intestine GENTLE ON THE STOMACH AND INTESTINE

Less stool odourLESS STOOL ODOUR

Hairball controlHAIRBALL CONTROL

Minkas Hairball Control Poultry

For reduction of hairballs

Our Happy Cat Minkas Hairball Control contains special types of raw fiber. These help to minimize hairballs and assist in gentle elimination via the gastrointestinal tract. This balanced complete diet is perfect for adult cats and provides your kitty with everything they need. For a long and healthy life. Our recipe, with its high proportion of high-value animal protein, is 100% natural and balanced. The delicious dry food contains many vitamins and minerals and supports the immune system. Our recipes are naturally free from artificial flavorings and preservatives.

Pamper your cat with our Minkas Hairball Control with its full, rich taste. The delicious food is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to support a healthy coat and skin in your cat.

Weight1.5 kg


Happy Cat

Happy cat and dog food Pakistan is a German food available in wet and dry forms. It is also available in medicated form for kidneys, liver, intestinal and urinary infections.
Happy Cat Skin Protection Cat Food


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