Happy Dog Sensible Puppy Food


Happy Dog Vet Intestinal Puppy Food 1 kg

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Happy Dog Sensible Puppy Food 1 kg

Salmon & Potato

Gluten-free formulationGLUTEN-FREE FORMULATION

Especially tastyESPECIALLY TASTY

Supports the immune systemSUPPORTS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM

Optimal for skin and coatOPTIMAL FOR SKIN AND COAT

Sensible Puppy – Salmon & Potato

Our heart-shaped loops the hole in the middle. What are they all about?

The hole has two benefits. It makes the kibble break up more easily, and makes it easier to chew. The loops also have a larger surface area and can be broken down and digested more easily by the stomach and gut. All of this supports good and healthy digestion.

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Happy Dog


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