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Happy Cat Vet Diet Hepatic Dry Food 1.kg


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Happy Cat Vet Diet Hepatic Dry Food 1 Kg

  1.  Lower Copper and Sodium Content
  2.  Especially Tasty
  3. Easily digestible
  4. Good in Liver Disease 

Dietary complete feed for adult cats for support of liver function in case of chronic hepatic insufficiency.

Happy Cat VET Diet Hepatic can help significantly to support and relieve stress on the liver if your cat has chronic liver insufficiency. This diet offers a moderate level of protein with selected and highly digestible protein sources (meat meal, potatoes, poultry, animal protein, salt-water fish, egg), and thus effectively reduces the stress of harmful metabolic products. Carefully selected ingredients such as very easily digestible rice and poultry create a balanced supply of nutrients for your sick cat. The milk thistle it contains is traditionally used in liver disorders, while the vitamin and trace element levels are matched to the special needs of cats with liver disease.

  • A moderate level of highly digestible protein helps to support protein metabolism
  • Restricted copper and sodium levels reduce the stress on the liver
  • As an antioxidant, vitamin E binds free radicals and guarantees active cell protection

Dietary complete feed for adult cats for support of liver function in the case of chronic liver insufficiency. Only available on a vet’s recommendation.

Additional advice:

    • It is recommended that advice from a vet be sought before using this special diet.
    • For the best effect, feed the dietary food exclusively. Discuss any supplementary nutrition needs with your vet.

Offer your sick cat several small meals per day unless otherwise recommended by your vet.

  • The amount of food should be adapted to suit the individual metabolism of your cat with liver disease, so it may be necessary to reduce or increase the quantity to a certain extent.
  • Fresh water should be available to cats with liver disease at all times
  • Recommended period of use: initially up to 4 months
  • Liver damage prevention by Happy Cat Vet Hepatic Dry Food

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Weight1.4 kg


Happy Cat

Happy Cat Food

Happy Cat food in one of the best cat foods available in pet market of Pakistan. Reem Pet Store feels pleasure to serve its valuable customers to serve this food for their cats and kittens.
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  • Prominent veterinary professionals guarantee optimal care for your cat by supporting it.


  • This food offers tailored variants for different health needs, such as Renal for kidney health,
  • Urinary for urinary tract support,
  • Poultry for an irresistible taste,
  • Intestine for digestive wellness,
  • Stomach for comfort,
  • and a dedicated formula for Kittens.
  • It meets the unique dietary needs of your cat, regardless of the breed.

For All Cat Breeds

  • Whether you own a Persian, Siamese, or any other breed, Reem Pet Store Online provides perfect nutrition for their health.
  • It simplifies your purchase process and offers a seamless online shopping experience as the ultimate destination for Happy Cat Food.
  • It ensures your cherished pet receives the nutrition they deserve without any hassle.
  • In summary, it is available in dry and wet variants, addressing all aspects of feline nutrition for both cats and kittens.
  • It has specialized options for different health needs and a diverse range for all cat breeds. It is the optimal choice for your cat.
  • Buy it conveniently online at Reem Pet Store, a trustworthy and hassle-free way to prioritize your feline companion’s well-being.
  • Price list of Happy Cat Food 
Happy Cat Food Price In Pakistan


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