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Happy Cat Sterilized Salmon Atlantic Food


Happy Cat Sterilized Salmon Atlantic Food

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Happy Cat Sterilized Salmon Atlantic Food

Is your cat a fish lover? Then she will adore Culinary Adult Atlantik-Lachs! This very well-tolerated dry food for our discerning feline friends combines highly digestible salmon with tender peas and delicate rosemary, making it a real taste sensation. The delectable creation with Atlantic salmon from our Culinary Adult dry food range contains important dietary fiber and helps to reduce hairball formation. The finest salmon also supplies valuable omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to give your cat a glossy coat.

Our Natural Life Concept® as the basis for all Happy Cat Culinary recipes uses Nature as its role model. Dry food made from natural ingredients of the highest quality provides your cat with everything she needs.

Happy Cat Sterilised Atlantic Salmon at a glance:

  • Reduced-fat dry food for sterilized and castrated cats
  • Tailored energy and nutrient content: supports weight management after castration or sterilization
  • With delicious salmon: easy to digest, high-quality source of protein
  • The high content of animal protein: forms 88% of the total protein content, supporting muscle maintenance
  • Only 10.5% fat: for easier weight control
  • Fiber-rich recipe: can reduce the formation of hairballs, as well as leave your cat feeling full
  • Enriched with plant ingredients: contains rosemary and milk thistle amongst others, for balanced, nutrient-rich nutrition
  • Good flavor: well-accepted by many cats
  • No added sugar or soya
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Made in Germany

Based on the Happy Cat Natural Life Concept®, nutrition experts have developed a special vitality formula that naturally covers your cat’s five most important needs. Nutritionally certified, it supports regulated digestion, a normal immune system, natural urinary tract, and heart health, and can improve skin & coat condition.

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    Happy Cat Sterilized Salmon Atlantic Food

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