Brit Premium Cat Pouches with Salmon & Trout


Brit Premium Cat Pouches with Salmon & Trout 100 g

Brit Premium Cat Pouches with Salmon & Trout deliver a scrumptious and nutritionally complete meal



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Brit Premium Cat Pouches with Salmon & Trout

Brit Premium Cat Pouches with Salmon & Trout boast a mouthwatering blend, comprising 60% meat and animal derivatives in delectable chunks.

This premium cat pouch uniquely features a generous 16% of fish and fish derivatives in chunks, evenly split between 8% salmon and 8% trout. This dual fish offering not only tantalizes your cat’s taste buds but also delivers vital omega-3 fatty acids, fostering a glossy coat and overall well-being.

Adding to nutritional excellence, 0.4% inulin, derived from vegetables, promotes digestive health. This natural ingredient establishes a harmonious gut environment, optimizing nutrient absorption for your cat’s benefit.

True to Brit’s commitment to purity, this formula excludes colorants and preservatives. Your cat enjoys a meal devoid of artificial additives, in line with the brand’s dedication to providing unadulterated and wholesome nutrition.


Analytically, this cat pouch presents a comprehensive nutritional profile, delivering 8.5% crude protein, 4.5% fat content, 2.5% crude ash, and 0.4% crude fiber. These elements cater to your cat’s dietary needs, supporting energy levels, muscle development, and digestive well-being.

With an impressive moisture content of 82%, this cat pouch not only elevates palatability but also aids in maintaining your cat’s hydration, contributing significantly to its overall well-being.

Nutritional Composition 

The nutritional composition further enriches the formula with essential vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D3, at 250 IU, nurtures bone health, while the robust antioxidant Vitamin E, at 100 mg, fortifies your cat’s immune system.

Vital trace elements are abundant, with 10 mg of zinc, 2 mg of manganese, 0.2 mg of copper, and 0.7 mg of iodine. These elements play pivotal roles in diverse physiological functions, including skin health and immune support.

Amino Acid 

Taurine, a vital amino acid, features prominently, with 450 mg per serving, ensuring the optimal functioning of your cat’s heart and eyes.


The inclusion of Biotin, at 0.1 mg, adds an extra layer of richness to the formula, promoting overall vitality and a luxurious coat for your feline companion.

In essence, Brit Premium Cat Pouches with Salmon & Trout deliver a scrumptious and nutritionally complete meal. By harmonizing the flavors of salmon and trout, this cat food satisfies your cat’s innate cravings while providing essential nutrients for its overall health and happiness.

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Brit Pet Food

Established in June 1994, Brit pet food excels globally especially Pakistan in producing, distributing, and developing premium pet food.  Renowned for crafting the best cat and dog food, Brit produces products at competitive and best prices.
Premier Pet Food
With a stellar reputation, Brit Pet Food stands out as one of the premier pet food manufacturing companies worldwide. This distinction is a testament to their dedication and commitment to excellence in every facet of operations.

Commitment to Excellence

The commitment to excellence extends beyond production. Meticulous development and distribution underscore Brit's unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier nutrition for beloved cats and dogs.
Dedication for making best Pet Food
Brit's dedication to providing the best for pets is palpable in continuous efforts. The company consistently strives to raise the bar, ensuring their cat and dog food remains at the pinnacle of quality and nutritional value.With a global reach, Brit successfully positions itself as a leader. Their commitment to exceptional pet nutrition resonates globally, reflecting the brand's influence on a global scale.Rooted in family ownership, Brit emphasizes a personal touch, creating a unique connection with customers. This familial approach is integral to maintaining high standards of quality and customer satisfaction.The firm's success is not solely attributed to premium offerings but also to a strategic approach to pricing. Brit understands the importance of affordability, ensuring quality pet food remains accessible to a broad spectrum of pet owners.As one of the best in the business, Brit consistently maintains a reputation for both quality and affordability. This strategic balance is a key factor in sustained success and market prominence. Although imported, the price remains competitive.In conclusion, Brit's legacy of excellence since 1994 stands as a testament to its position as a top global pet food manufacturer. Through unwavering dedication, meticulous craftsmanship, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Brit continues to shape the landscape of premium pet nutrition worldwide.
A pet food company which manufactures cat and dog food


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