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  • Tiger Cat eyes Litter- Reem Pet Store

    Tiger Pet Cat Litter 10 L

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    Tiger Pet Cat Litter Bentonite 10 L

    Tiger Pet Cat Litter is a high-quality and innovative cat litter product made in China, crafted from premium bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is known for its exceptional absorbent properties, making it an ideal material for cat litter that effectively controls odors and keeps your home smelling fresh.

  • Lonkeen Bentonite Cat Litter

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    Lonkeen Cat Litter 10 L 

    It is naturally absorbent and clumping does not support bacterial life and works as a natural drying agent due to its high absorption capacity, helping the litter box to stay hygienic and odor-free. It is also environmentally friendly and inert.

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