At Reem Pet Store, we provide cats food & accessories. Food, wet food, prescription food, food for cat & kittens, male or female. Beds, Jet Boxes, Cat Houses, blanket, jellies, treats, toys. Wide Range of  shampoos, grooming tools, tick & flea, cat bowls, food & water dispensers, automatic food and water dispenser, carrying bags, Reem Pet Store is an online store serving through out Pakistan, including all provinces and areas. We supply online in remote areas of Pakistan. Store have famous brands, like royal canin, Nutragold, diamond, joserra, reflex, mera cat food, bonnie, taste of the wild, winner plus,, reflex plus, cat litter like Klumpy, easy clean, remu. In bowls we have steel bowl, plastic bowl, from famous brands like Trixie.

Do Cats and Kittens Enjoy our food?

Finally our food brands are famous and world renowned therefore, the cats & kitten grow healthy and get full nourishment. Cat & kitten enjoy eating because we provide our customers best food.

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