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Mera Finest Fit Kitten Dry Food

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Mera Finest Fit Kitten Dry Food 10 Kg

  • Mera Indoor Kitten Food 10 Kg
  • Recipe without wheat
  • With anti-hairball complex
  • With a lot of fresh poultry
  • Also Available in 1.5 Kg – 4 Kg
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Mera Finest Fit Kitten Dry Food 10 Kg

Mera Finest Fit Kitten Dry Food 10 Kg. It’s a recipe without wheat. With anti-hairball complex. With a lot of fresh poultry. Also Available in 1.5 Kg4 Kg 

It supports the individual needs of your cat. The specially developed recipe with fresh meat and other essential ingredients provides the best all-round care.

Our family recipe for needs-based nutrition.

  • recipe without wheat
  • With an anti-hairball complex
  • with lots of fresh poultry
  • refined with forest fruits
  • optimal all-round care

That is why our recipe deliberately avoids using:
Wheat,  meat sources, colorings, flavors and preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, sugar, soy, vitamin K3.

The dry food that best fits indoors is tailored to the specific needs of domestic cats. Cats living indoors have a smaller radius of movement. With an easily digestible recipe from tender poultry and rice refined with forest fruits, the finest fit supplies all domestic cats with the appropriate energy content. Domestic cats especially groom their coat intensively, which is why the anti-hairball complex helps bind and excrete swallowed hair. A unique mineral combination can prevent the formation of urinary stones.

A species-appropriate and holistic nutrition is the focus of our finest fit products.  The dry Food for cats and kittens, Wet Food, and Mera Snacks are made for all stages of cats and all breeds.

Made in Germany

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Mera Pet Food 

Mera Pet Food

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1 review for Mera Finest Fit Kitten Dry Food

  1. Zahra Ali

    My second favorite kitten food. I mix it with gocat.
    Amazing food at much lower price.

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