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  • Mera Urinary Cat Food, is recommended by Vets for breaking of stones and free passing of urine and infections of urinary tract.

    Meravital Urinary Cat Food

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     Meravital Urinary Cat Food 

    Available in 750 g and 3 Kg

    The most common symptoms of urinary tract infection in cats.  include reduced amounts of urine, straining to urinate, pain or discomfort when urinating.

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  • Happy Cat Minkas Urinary Care Food

    Adult Cat Food  3,300 Read more

    Happy Cat Minkas Urinary Care 

    Happy Cat Minkas Urinary Care with Poultry is a gentle and balanced complete feed for adult cats. High quality, easily digestible proteins and a reduced magnesium and phosphorus content to reduce the cat’s urine pH.

    Wt: 1.5 kg


  • Josera Urinary Cat Food is a complete medicated feed promotes an acidic urinary pH to reduce the likelihood of struvite stones forming. The recipe also has a reduced magnesium content and a balanced protein and phosphorus content.

    Josera Urinary Cat Food

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    Josera Urinary Cat Food 2 kg

    • Magnesium-reduced recipe for cats
    • Promotes an acidic urine pH to reduce the risk of struvite stone formation
    • Balanced protein and phosphorus ratio to counteract the formation of struvite stones


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