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  • Wanpy creamy treats tuna & salmon- Reem Pet Store

    Wanpy Creamy Treats Tuna and Salmon

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    Wanpy Creamy Treats Cats Tuna & Salmon

    Tuna and salmon fish offer a sumptuous taste for your cat or kitten. Not only do they contain protein, vitamins, and minerals, such as B-complex, vitamin A and D, iron, and phosphorus, but they also have omega-3 fatty acid, which benefits your cat’s health.

    5 x 14 grams pack Wt: 70 g

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  • Dreamies Mix, Salmon and Tuna. Reem Pet Store

    Dreamies Mix Salmon & Tuna

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    Dreamies Mix Salmon & Tuna

    • Vitamins and Minerals
    • No artificial flavor
    • Soft inside 
    • Crunchy outside 

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