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  • Trixie Dog-Cat Massage Brush Rubber 2333

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    Trixie dog-cat massage brush rubber

    • De-shedding tool
    • Removes unwanted and loose hair.
    • Doesn’t not hurt the pet skin.
    • Easy to massage.
    • Durable and comfortable
  • Brush for massage, grooming and combing . Best for cats and dogs.

    Cat Dog Massage Brush

    Care and Hygiene  1,500 Add to cart

    Cat Dog Massage Brush

    • Main Material: abs
    • Recommended Type: Medium, short-haired dog and cat
    • Product Grade: Qualified product.
    • Main Functions: Massage, comb and remove floating hair.
    • Precautions:
      Do not use it for purposes other than pet care.
    • Store in a Place out of reach of children
    • This product can be washed with water.
  • Trixie massage brush dogs

    Trixie Massage Brush Natural Rubber 24163

    Dog Accessories  1,000 Add to cart
    Trixie Massage Brush Double Sided

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