Wet Cat & Kitten Food

Wet Cat Food

Generally, wet cat & kitten food is available in small sizes. They are in tins or pouches because bacteria contaminate wet food very easily.

A high level of moisture almost 65 % attracts bacteria and contaminates it.

  • Some benefits of Wet Cat Food

    • Textures and ingredients cats love
    • Easier for cats to chew
    • More variety in the diet
    • Helps increase total water intake

Although feeding wet food to your cat seems special or indulgent, it’s more than a snack or treats.  Wet cat food is 100 percent complete, balanced, and an essential part of any cat’s diet.

Did you know that a cat’s sense of smell is typically 14 x stronger than that of the average person, making smell their primary way of interacting with food? Wet cat food provides a rich aroma, which is important for cats to stimulate their appetite.


Wet food also increases your cat’s water intake, helping to keep them hydrated and supporting a healthy bladder and urinary system.

The importance of water

As you may know, cats tend to drink very little, which is why they are often prone to urinary tract disorders. When the water supply is not sufficient, the urine “concentrates” and tends to form stones. This is more common with sterilized cats as they stay at home and aren’t very active.
Wet foods support the function of the urinary tract because they help to supplement important liquids for your cat. These liquids can prevent the formation of crystals that later can form into stones.

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