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  • Diamond Naturals Cat Food is an American Product made for cats. Contains chicken and rice as basic ingredient.

    Diamond Naturals Indoor Adult Cat Food 1Kg

    Adult Cat Food  2,900 Add to cart

    Diamond Naturals Indoor Cat Food 1 kg

    • Formulated to meet the everyday needs of adult cats.
    • With cage-free chicken for great taste and nutrition.
    • Omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids for skin and coat.
    • Helps control and reduce hairball formation. Enhanced with superfoods and probiotics
  • Diamond Senior Cat Food

    Diamond Maintenance Cat Food

    Adult Cat Food  800 4,800 Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

    Diamond Maintenance Cat Food 

    • Nutrient-rich protein sources
    • Omega fatty acids support skin and coat
    • Antioxidants and added essential nutrients for everyday nutrition


  • Diamond Urinary Care Cat Food

    Cat Food  6,000 Read more

    Diamond Urinary Care Cat Food 2.72 Kg

    Diamond Urinary Care Cat Food- Helps support a healthy urinary tract by reducing urine PH – Control Magnesium & Phosphorus levels, Antioxidants help support a healthy immune system, Omega Fatty acids for skin and coat health, and complete and balanced daily diet for adult cats.


  • Roll over image to zoom in Diamond Hi-Energy Sporting Dog Formula Dry Dog Food

    Diamond Hi-Energy Dog Food

    Dog and Puppy Food  19,500 Add to cart

    Available in Big Bag= 50 Lbs or 22.6796 Kg

  • Diamond Naturals Kitten Food 

    Diamond Naturals Kitten Food

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    Diamond Naturals Kitten Chicken & Rice Formula 1 Kg

    • Formulated for kittens and nursing adult cats
    • Added DHA to support brain and vision development
    • Proper protein and fat for growing kittens
    • Formulated with taurine for proper heart and eye health
    • Enhanced with superfoods and probiotics

Diamond Pet Food, a family-owned company, is dedicated to delivering high-quality pet food that aligns with your family’s values. Recognizing the importance of providing the best for your pets, the company prioritizes top-tier ingredients to ensure that your furry companions receive the nutrition they deserve.

In the cat food category, Diamond Pet Foods offers trusted brands such as Diamond, Diamond Naturals, and Diamond Care. These brands have earned a reputation for excellence in the pet food market.

Diamond Pet Foods’ commitment extends to dog food, providing a diverse range to meet various preferences and dietary needs. The Diamond brand represents quality and nutritional balance; Diamond Naturals incorporates natural ingredients; and Diamond Grain Free addresses the needs of dogs with grain sensitivities.

For specialized care, Diamond Pet Foods introduces Diamond Care and Diamond Pro 89, offering carefully crafted formulas with the best ingredients and superior quality at an affordable price.

What sets Diamond Pet Foods apart is not only its product range but also its understanding of pet owners’ expectations. As a family-owned business, Diamond Pet Foods recognizes the significance of providing wholesome and nutritious meals for your pets.

The assurance of being made in the USA further strengthens the reliability of Diamond Pet Foods. Choosing Diamond Pet Foods goes beyond selecting pet food; it’s an investment in the health and happiness of your beloved furry family members.

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