Whiskas Jelly 1+ with Chicken Can 390 g


390 g Tin Pack

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whiskas cat food Reem Pet Store Pakistan

Whiskas Jelly 1+ with Chicken Can 390 g

100% complete & balanced

WHISKAS® understands that little cats share the same natural instincts as big cats. That’s why for over 50 years everything from WHISKAS® has been carefully prepared with delicious high-quality ingredients, containing all the essential nutrients your cat naturally needs for a 100% complete and balanced diet. Nurture the big cat inside your little cat with WHISKAS®.


Meat and Animal Derivatives (including 4% Chicken), Minerals, Vegetable Protein Extracts, Various Sugars

Feeding Guidelines

Feeding instructions: A 4kg cat requires 2/3 of a can or 1/3 can + 30 g WHISKAS® dry per day. We recommend feeding a mix of wet and dry food. Adjust the amount of food to the level of activity and body condition of your cat. Freshwater should always be available. For more information on feeding your cat, please contact our Consumer Careline. Allow for a transition phase when switching diets.

79 kcal/100 g

Whiskas® recommends that 2/3 of your cat’s daily calories come from wet food and 1/3 come from dry – don’t forget to treat your cat too!

Analytical Constituents (%):

  • Protein:8.5
  • Fat content:5
  • Inorganic matter:2.5
  • Crude fibres:0.3
  • Moisture:83
  • Additives per kg:
  • Nutritional additives:
  • Vitamin B1:31.5 mg
  • Vitamin E:21 mg
  • Calcium iodate anhydrous:0.33 mg
  • Ferrous sulphate monohydrate:35 mg
  • Manganous sulphate monohydrate:6.6 mg
  • Zinc sulphate monohydrate:46.2 mgProduct
  • Technological additives:
  • Cassia gum:1820 mg


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Whiskas is a brand of cat food sold throughout the world. It is owned by the American company Mars, Incorporated. It is available either as meat-like pieces in cans, pouches, or dry biscuits. Most packaging is a recognisable purple color with a stylized silhouette of a cat's head.
whiskas cat food Reem Pet Store Pakistan


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