Sheba Cats Creamy Snacks Salmon


Sheba Cats Creamy Snacks Salmon

Sheba Cats Creamy Snacks Salmon -Meat & Fish Derivatives. Protein 3.5%- Fat 3.5%- Crude fibers 1%- Energy level 56 kcal/100g Salmon 4%

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Sheba Cats Creamy Snacks Salmon 4X12 G

Four pieces in one pack. They are creamy-textured treats designed to be delicately hand-fed. Simply squeeze from the sachet. A special experience that you and your cat will love.

Feeding instructions

Feed up to sachet per day. Please reduce the main meal accordingly. Store in a cool and dry place. use each sachet within 1 day of opening. Fresh drinking water should be always available.


Meat and animal derivatives, fish and fish derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, milk and milk derivatives including 0.5% milk protein.

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