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  • Diamond Naturals Cat Food is an American Product made for cats. Contains chicken and rice as basic ingredient.

    Diamond Naturals Indoor Adult Cat Food 1Kg

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    Diamond Naturals Indoor Cat Food 1 kg

    • Formulated to meet the everyday needs of adult cats.
    • With cage-free chicken for great taste and nutrition.
    • Omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids for skin and coat.
    • Helps control and reduce hairball formation. Enhanced with superfoods and probiotics
  • Diamond Senior Cat Food

    Diamond Maintenance Cat Food

    Adult Cat Food  800 4,800 Select options

    Diamond Maintenance Cat Food 

    • Nutrient-rich protein sources
    • Omega fatty acids support skin and coat
    • Antioxidants and added essential nutrients for everyday nutrition


  • Diamond Naturals Kitten Food 

    Diamond Naturals Kitten Food

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    Diamond Naturals Kitten Chicken & Rice Formula 1 Kg

    • Formulated for kittens and nursing adult cats
    • Added DHA to support brain and vision development
    • Proper protein and fat for growing kittens
    • Formulated with taurine for proper heart and eye health
    • Enhanced with superfoods and probiotics

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